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About Myself

Name: Betty Clemens
Gender: Female
Age: Over 50
Birthday: February
Status: Married
Hometown: Santa Maria, CA
Education: BA
School: University of Washington
Major: Literature
Occupation: Entreprenuer

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My Contact

Groups: El Camino Art, Historical Society, Santa Barbara and Central Coast Sculptors Groups, California Sculptors Symposium

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It was 1973 at the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles

Big name entertainers were not yet the norm. Rodeos and tractor pulls drew the crowds plus all the animals, horse shows, art shows, bake shows.

A fledgling company, which hidden behind that word company was one Betty Parkhurst-Clemens, an idea, and about two hundred pounds of flour plus the other ingredients needed to make a special bread dough, had a spot in the exhibit hall.
She had a rickety table made from a door and some screw on pipes for legs, an oven that held at least 24 dinner rolls, a sink, and her one commercial piece of equipment—a 20qt. Hobart Mixer—the pride of the business that made her feel she was professional. And she had a cash register. She was assured that was a necessity.

Bringing out 24 dinner rolls about every half hour during busy times was not a get rich scheme, but Betty gave no thought to that. She was happy to be busy and get people to try her Old West Mix at home.

She had to give out register receipts for customers so when the rolls came out they could get their purchase.

In the booth next to her was a little boy about 4 yrs, old. His mom had let him purchase a dinner roll, and he had his receipt tightly grasped and stood patiently waiting. When other potential customers arrived he waved his receipt and said, “You can’t get one without a paper.” Betty heard that and knew she had a winning product.

She went home and booked as many fairs as she could for the rest of that year. And the next year she overdid it and got into making cinnamon rolls She was on a roll.